I gave it to my friend’s son and his friend

Hello my name is Maria (fictitious name) I am 23 years old, 1.52m, 50kg, straight black hair up to my back, I am skinny with a hot ass, small chest, I am very naughty, I always liked guys more naughty, more experienced than me they wanted to make me scream hard.

What I am going to tell you here happened last year, I have a friend called Marcela she is like a sister to me, I always go to her house almost every day I’m lying, she’s single and I date but my boyfriend works a lot, because she is much older than me she has an 18-year-old son called Gustavo, he is light brown and thin, he is approximately 1.80m, as I know him since I was young, I never saw malice in him, because he didn’t like young people, lol but I changed my mind anyway.

On a normal day I went to Marcela’s house, I had short shorts to work out, leaving my bootie impinadinha and cracking my pussy right in the middle, I always went to the gym very sexy to see if there was anyone there, I finally arrive at Marcela, chat go chat, we decided to buy a beer to drink I asked Gustavo to go buy it and I ordered a vodka to make a caipirinha, and we started drinking the hour passed, Marcela making fun of her son, saying that he had bigger dick and he didn’t eat anyone that his father at his age was eating everyone’s mother’s friends, his sister’s friends, and in this one he was embarrassed and I always put a pile on him to get a friend of ours, he just smiled, around 17 : 30h, a friend of his comes, Robert the same age as Gustavo, he is dark, skinny 1.74m, started to talk to us, defended Gustavo saying that they ate several girls that the ones on the street they had already caught all, on that My friend Marcela f hi shower, and only Gustavo, Robert and I stayed in the room as it was close to Gustavo’s birthday, he asked me what I was going to give him as a gift, I looked and told him to choose, he smiled and said what he I wish I wouldn’t give it, at that moment I got scared and asked him what he wanted, he came to my ear and said “I want you just for a whole day”, at that moment I shivered because he spoke in my ear and like never I had seen badness up until that moment I didn’t react and laughed at him, said that I liked real Men, that he was very young, in that Robert smiled and said that his dick was bigger than that of many older Men, I was embarrassed and told them to stop with that subject, Marcela came out of the bath and went to the living room and said she was going to lie down for a little nap she was already drunk, because I was very intimate I said I would lie down on the couch for a rest, she entered the room Gustavo came and sat next to me, Robert quickly sat on the other, leaving me in the middle of that 17-year-old boy, full of horny desires to devour me, and asked if I would give Gustavo the gift he wanted because I told him to choose, I embarrassedly said no, and I said again that I liked a real man, at that moment Robert looked at Gustavo and said show her that you are a real man, Gustavo took my hand and put it on his dick, people at that time I I was frightened by the size and the thickness of that boy’s dick, it looked like a log, it was so hard it was, he saw that I pulled my hand fast, took my hand again and held it over his dick, his big cock, and I let go, at that time he asked, am I a man? I kind of reacted and said no, Robert got up and put the shorts off, another thick one, too beautiful with a red head made him want to fall on his mouth, he saw that I looked and I couldn’t stop looking and said and am I man for you? , I without reaction, it was no longer enough a hot cock in front of me, lift Gustavo and put the roll out too and it comes close to my mouth holding me by the nape pulling by the hair, I made myself more difficult I couldn’t resist and gave a kiss on the head of Gustavo’s cock and I held Robert’s firm, I got up and said I would go away, they told me not to stay to rest for a while at that moment I was already very horny my micro panties are all honeyed, never I thought I would feel that with two 17 year old boys, but I fell in love with their dick.
They insisted, realizing that I liked what I saw, soon Gustavo said he would go to his room, and there was only Robert and me, he already sat next to me and started saying that he always wanted to eat me, that it didn’t cost me anything do a charity for them, that I would not die for that, that wanted to suck me tasty until I come, I was already horny and he talking these bitches in my ear, I told him to go to the bedroom to sleep with Gustavo that I would think, in the ear asked me to think fondly, he was all smiling, as soon as he closed